Dr. Mark Shelton graduated
from Washington State University
in 1984 with a Doctorate in
Veterinary Medicine.  
He is an ongoing member
of the AVMA,  WSVMA,
and Chelan-Douglas
Veterinary Association.  
He is passionate about
pain free and fear free
veterinary care!
His communication and ability
to advocate with pet owners and
their pets are the
hallmark of his practice.




Claudia Schindler

is a pet advocate!

She feels the reward

of helping to care

for this community's

animals are so worth

all of our love and time!

Tori Greiner  has

been practice

manager for many

years. She enjoys

working with a

fear free clinic who

advocates for all

pets and their owners!

 Diane Haight's love and

compassion for all animals

shines through. 

From feral cats  to

senior dogs, her love

knows no bounds